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"I have been going to Ruth Birchall for piano lessons for well over ten years now. As an adult player, I had suffered from the usual lack of confidence and nervousness that many adult players have. I had been going to various piano teachers over the years and had been left with a sense that playing for others was a complete ordeal. My arms and hands would stiffen and I was just glad when the playing was over. I was given pieces which were too hard for me.


From the start, Ruth was kind and supportive. She managed to convey a homely atmosphere where mistakes did not matter as long as I was enjoying the music. She listened well to me and what I was interested in. She was honest with me in terms of my level of skill and did not tax me to play way beyond this.


Playing with her was a joint project. She managed to combine great professional expertise with an understanding that different types of players like young and old as well as disabled have differing needs. She is endlessly patient with the very beginners (and I have seen her work with grade 1 players) and encouraging for the very best. Of all the teachers I have been to - and I am now 67, she is by far the best. Over the years my lack of confidence has disappeared to be replaced by a growing joy in the music, which for a retired person like me is wonderful.


I can thoroughly recommend Ruth. From the off, you will feel safe, respected and cared for as a pupil with your individual needs being catered for. She most certainly has all the professional qualifications you might need as well as a keen interest in keeping up with her knowledge of piano teaching. The biggest thing for me though is that she will open the door to the joy of music in the piano playing for you which has been a lifelong dream for me."

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- Chloe (age 7)

"I go to my piano class every Tuesday. I like it because it is fun, and I also get to see Charlie and Katie (which are the dogs) and now Marmaduke (who is a tiny kitten). My teacher is called Ruth; she helps me with my music and shows me what notes to play. My teacher is the best!"

- Sophie Morley

"I have currently been attending the Anchorsholme School of Music for about seven to eight years now and working towards doing my grade 6 exam. Ruth has tutored me throughout and been a delight, also helping me to pass my grade 5 theory.


I can very happily say that this is the place to be to excel in piano, and having such a good friendship with such a lovely lady it makes my piano lessons very enjoyable. I would encourage anyone to begin with tuition."

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- John Ormond

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"Passionate about her subject and a great person to know - A real pianist and teaches to a high standard. The only person I have ever met who loves her work so much she will push though the pain barrier to play with a broken hand!"

- Heather Nelson

"Ruth teaches to an incredibly high standard. The atmosphere is always welcoming and I would highly recommend her; she works to encourage and develop your musical ability, which is done so well as a result of her commitment and experience in pianoforte."

- Ben Loveland

"Ruth Birchall is a fantastic Music Teacher. She is very passionate about her business and her pupils -  what a lovely lady."

- Debra Challinor